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A new player on the market for the selection and sale of high-level sport horse genetics, Genesis Horse Breeding provides access to a permanent catalog of mares and their genetics directly from breeders with common quality values of breeding (space, food, care, etc.) and marketing to enable you to conceive, choose, book and buy your embryo or foal of your dream.



Today we open our catalog with 13 mares, like a lucky number.

You will of course find the lines of Narcotique de Muze II, Usha van’t Roosakker, Panama du Seigneur but also Gute Sitte and extraordinary lines like that of Olympic Champeix at the origin of an amazing but still too little known line.

Our mares will allow you to dream according to your budgets and you will not have any surprises since our prices are all inclusive: Embryo + reipient mare rental + deposit and you will have no buyer fees. Beyond superior quality, you should find fair prices and service that meets your expectations.

Of course, this catalog will have surprises in store for you throughout the year with the arrival of new, equally extraordinary mares.



Genesis Horse Breeding will accompany you throughout your breeding journey:

As soon as you purchase your implanted embryos with a 45-day gestation guarantee, you can join our breeding program (from the embryo up to 3 years old) in our various partner breeding places in Europe, then by joining the training program for young horses up to 6 years old in stables specializing in young horses up to CSI 5* level.

Genesis Horse Breeding only works with breeders offering "Ethical" breeding, maximizing embryo transfers and limiting OPUs.

“We also trust the limited embryo production. Firstly, because we want to preserve the mares, secondly because we want to preserve genetic diversification and finally keep the production of Genesis Horse Breeding not massive and therefore rare. Cyril CARISEY, founder of Genesis Horse Breeding

The living environment of the mares is controlled and fulfilled with "Modern Ethical Breeding" specifications and guaranteed the greatest care given to biological and surrogate mothers (general health, life in the paddock/pre-guarantee, daily human contact).


So let's create together your crack of tomorrow thanks to the combination of winning factors:

  • The best genetics with certified dam lines
  • Modern, commercial and complementary stallions to the dam
  • A breeding of your foal in the best conditions within a professional structure with a regular audit of Genesis Horse Breeding
  • The training of the young horse optimized thanks to the right rider adapted to the right horse